Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thing's I Dig (right now)

Happy Sunday! Usually Sunday's are pretty sad because it means the weekend is almost over, but hellooooo three day weekend! Oh and the site hit 400 visitors so thank you all for reading! When I come across things online I bookmark them and so here are my most recent favorites:

1. Fleur De Lys glasses from Anthropologie. Love the colors and vintage feel of these!

2. Comfy Shoes - namely these Mossimo Odell Ballet Flats. Walking around a nursing facility for eight hours has made me appreciate these AMAZING shoes even more. My go-to black shoes gave me blisters so I went this weekend and bought these in black. Now I have Five pairs! They come in every color you love love.

3. Sharpie Pens. Enough Said.

4. Etsy. Etsy will be getting it's own post. If you haven't discovered the amazingness that is Etsy, than you are missing out in a big way. Anything and everything vintage, handmade and unique.

5. This Gap Leather Field Jacket. I want it BADDDDDD.

6. The Pottery Barn Catalog. PB is amazing and if I was a millionaire I would probably buy out all of their furniture and pay them to come decorate my house. I go through and rip out rooms or things that match what I like for inspiration.

7. This White Bird Vase from Target. I am going through a phase all things birds. I can't explain it, but i'm into it.

8. Sweater Vests. Not the kind that 80 year old women wear with fall leaves or kitty cats or something, but cute ones! I have this Talbots Bias Tweed Vest and lurve it.


Another extremely poor vest. Do not wear.

9. This Deux Lux Ruffle Bucket Bag from Urban Outfitters in Peach. Gorg.

That's all for now! Thanks for reading my lovely readers!



So I feel like a complete idiot. I check your blog every couple of days, but I had to re-bookmark your site when my laptop crashed and I've reinstalled windows TWICE now. Anyway...I kept checking and it was still that French Toast post and I couldn't figure out why you hadn't updated it in FOREVER, and then I realized I had bookmarked the french toast post :(. I had to catch up. I would've had so many comments AGH!!!!! Miss you down here! PLEASE come back when you have time-- esp when we get the boat!!

Merecogirl said...

HAH! Amanda you are too funny! I miss you too!