Friday, January 8, 2010

Shoe Love.

Friends, I know in previous posts I may have been a little mean to my fashionistas, but even the most sarcastic and jaded of us ladies have our weaknesses. Mine? Accessories. Oh the accessories. I see a shiny new necklace or a colorful new scarf or some new leather shoes and I go weak at the knees. Honestly you can wear basically anything, no matter how plain, but if you have those pretty baubles, all is saved. Perfect for when you forget to do laundry for a couple weeks and are forced to pull out those jeans you swore you would never ever put on again and that t-shirt with the bleach stains. Put a necklace on that bad boy and you don't look quite as pitiful anymore!

This week it was shoes that stole my heart. Having giant size 11 feet that are abnormally wide (btw, Paris Hilton and Oprah wear size 11's!) I am forever in debt to Target. Target rocks face anyway, but offering super cute shoes in size 11 for 12.99? I worship at your feet. Oh and online they are having a clearance sale...hello summer shoes!

flower cut-outs? might as well be heroin.

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