Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy January!

Is is just me or does it feel like 2000 was yesterday? I can't believe it's been ten years! So much has changed, and thankfully it is for the better. I hope you all have had a wonderful new years holiday celebration. Yesterday I finally returned home from Charleston, which was stinking amazing. It is one of the coolest cities I have visited and I had great tour guides and hosts! Also, fireworks are legal in SC so this was the first new years that I actually got to play with them, and thankfully no one caught on fire or blew anything up. Success. I have another week left before school starts back and here's what I want to get done.

1. Sleep - Accomplished!!!

2. Find a reasonably priced PS3 ( I am hooked after watching Amanda's fiancee play during my visit) - Accomplished!!! (Well I've decided to ask for it for my birthday so kind of.)

3. Complete another section of the "love wall"

4. Catch up on some TV

Yea, I know, life is hard right? I am going to soak it up before it all ends!

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