Sunday, January 24, 2010


Yea, pretty boring title, but it is the weekend so I'm trying to use my brain as little as humanly possible. Anywho, here are a couple fun blogs that I recommend!

1. The Pioneer Woman - cooking and photography and commentary. She calls her husband the Marlboro Man. Obviously I love her.

2. Life in the Fun Lane - This girls business is making hideous furniture look freaking adorable. She has great taste!

3. Becoming Sarah - okay I didn't JUST discover this one, I've been reading for awhile. She's a mom who adores her little girl Charlotte and is actually HONEST about the things that go on. Plus she writes these amazingly beautiful letters to her daughter that will bring you to tears.

4. Reality Tea - If you like trashy reality shows like I do then check this out, I mean it's where I heard about Tamra and Simon's Divorce!

5. Jessica Claire - The most beautiful photography I have seen in a long time. Her commentary is worth reading as well, but at least go and scroll through for the pictures.

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