Saturday, December 26, 2009

Top Ten Christmas Pics (plus One)

By now, most of you have seen the pictures I posted from Christmas, but I wanted to highlight a few that, for some reason or another, are my favorites.

My, Candace, Caroline. I love the three generations all together looking happy and beautiful. They are all three glowing. Definitely a precious moment to remember.

I love the colors, and the juxtaposition of the two rooms shown in this photo. Caroline is in one room and games being played in the other. This encompasses our Christmas this year.

I love Caroline laying with Mike and My smiling at her in the background.

What I like: the easiness and that they were playing a game that we play with the Short's when we get together. It made them linked in my brain.

Do I even have to explain this one?
Pure love.

My Grandmother's Church on Christmas Eve. I love the light and angle. I can almost feel, see, smell everything from that night by looking at this picture.

New Camera Pictures start here:

Caroline caught off hand, I love her facial expression and the light in this picture.

Joe and Sammie after he got soaking wet in the downpour we experienced the majority of Christmas Day.

Mom after she opened her new Pandora Bracelet. So happy!

This photo is one of my favorites merely because of Joe's facial expression.

Here is the plus one I took when i got home using my new camera...LOVE.
(and its kind of christmasey right?)


Kristen said...

LOVE IT!! What a beautiful Christmas you guys had! I adore the church picture, I feel like I was there. Also, I am SUPER jealous of your Rebel. Happy New Year, sweet cousin! Wish we were celebrating together!!!!!

Merecogirl said...

Aw I miss you and my little Ellie beans! Love you!