Monday, December 21, 2009

Road Trip!

....or just a long car ride. Yesterday Mom and I drove up with Uncle Mike to meet Candace and Caroline in Virginia and drive them back to North Carolina. Unsure of the road conditions, Uncle Mike packed lots of sugary snacks to keep us from going into depression should we become trapped in a snowbank for days at a time. Chocolate-covered Oreos, caramel chocolate brownies, peppermint bark oh my! Depression was not on hand in that car! I had to take some of Sammie's car sickness meds so that I could ride in the back of the car. That stuff works wonders! I didn't get car sick, but a little loopy and sleepy. Just how you want to be in a car ride, but at least I wasn't driving. Here are some pics of the CRAZY snow that we found in VA. They got somewhere around 18 inches!

We got Candace and Caroline and came back to NC, no problemo..isn't she sweet?

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