Thursday, December 17, 2009


So my computer got a virus. It sucked. The background of my screen turned green with big red letters that said "YOUR COMPUTER HAS BEEN INFECTED!". No shit sherlock! Sadly, all recent pictures were deleted, as well as some writing I had done (and all of my music, videos, homework, papers, notes, etc) Of course I tried to fix it myself, running every anti-virus that I could think of, all to no avail. So off I went to the hellhole of my services. I it part of tech training that you learn how to be completely unhelpful, or is that just an added bonus? I mean I already was lost, lonely and confused about my technology mishap. The last thing I needed was an apathetic person taking my computer to willy nilly ERASE IT.
Life without my laptop for the last 36 hours has been terribly boring. Thankfully it is back, although REIMAGED. Apparently tech services felt the need to reimage my computer, essentially deleting my life. And they were oh soooo nice about it (NOT!). It is simply TOO painful to come to terms with ALL OF THE WORK that I lost. The good news? I backed up about two months ago so not all is gone, but alot is. Sometimes I hate computers!

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