Sunday, December 27, 2009


I totally understand that I am not the most fashionable person in the world. Regardless, fashion blogs are one of my guilty pleasure, although recently I am seriously questioning my sanity. I will never be that effortlessly fashionable girl that wakes up, throws on whats in their closet and looks amazing. Nor will I be the girl who has thousands of dollars in credit card debt just so that I can take pictures of myself in different outfits and post it on the internet. Here is why.

1. A common thread to these "fashion" websites? These girls have lots of daddy's money. The Christmas present posts alone made me want to vomit up my cherry twizzlers. One blogger got thousands in cash, a new mac computer, a canon rebel camera, designer sunglasses, giftcards, designer shoes, etc. Really? In this economy? I don't think so. Sorry but I am not taking "fashion advice" nor reading about your lavish life nor wanting to ever be anything like you. One girl's site is a "guide to style". Does this mean that you are going to tell me how to get my parents to give me thousands of dollars in gifts next Christmas? Because if so, I would read that blog.

2. I am not a stick figure nor keeping my calorie intake under 1500. Obviously. 99% of clothing for non-stick people are so disgusting and ridiculous that hell would freeze over and pigs would take to the skies before the "clothing" ever touched my body. Most plus size "designers" think that women are A. blind B. have given up any hope C. are willing to put anything on themselves to avoid arrest for public nudity. No thanks. It takes a lot of effort for me to not look like a homeless or crazy person most of the time.

3. I am not willing to put myself in thousands of dollars of debt for the excitement (sarcasm) of taking daily pictures of myself and putting them on the internet. Give me a break. The ones who aren't getting money from daddy are surely sacrificing their credit score for some pieces of fabric. No, I would like to buy a house one day and have a good FICO score. Oh another thing, doubt some of these people know what a FICO score is.

4. Surprisingly, I have other things to do than spend all day looking up internet fashion deals, ruining my credit, spending daddy's money, or constantly take pictures of myself in a mirror. College? Ever heard of it?

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