Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fashion? Update, Charleston

I may have been quite harsh in my previous post to the fashion ladies so let me give a shout out to the ones that DON'T make me want to kill myself.

1. www.cupcakesandchashmere.com
2. www.thelook4less.net
3. www.thechloeconspiracy.com
4. www.ambersnotebook.com

Anywho, I am currently in Charleston staying with Amanda and her fiancee Ashley and they are treating me like gold! I am going to be spoiled when I leave here. Amanda's fiancee is a great cook and makes the most bangin' Shrimp and Grits ever! After feeding me they took me on a little driving tour of Charleston and the coolest bridge I've been on. Tomorrow is bridesmaid dress fitting, eating, shooting guns (YES!), more eating etc.

I was extremely excited that one of our suitcases has SECTIONS!!!! This helps me organize so of course I am very proud and had to take a picture.

For some reason the cats love love love packing. I laid out outfit clothes before I put them in the suitcase and all three were up in my business. Here is Petey among the pre-packing piles of clothes.

Actually tried out a new recipe this morning and it was delish. Will have to post that tomorrow! Here is a sneak peek though!

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