Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lots of Stuff...

We had Fran and Enoch here this weekend which was pretty exciting! We mostly stayed around home, but we did go eat at Maggiano's ...oh yea, it was good.

The absolute best part of the visit is that Roni Dawkins found a way to rip video from old family film reels. She got these onto a dvd and we all watched them together, hearing stories and what was going on in different parts of the reel. This was better than any present I could ever have gotten since I didn't even know these reels existed! The first part is Dad's championship football game, amazing!! I wanted to burn a copy but I haven't figured out how to get that done yet, so I FINALLY got the clips on youtube in three parts.

Halloween was also this week, and here are my two favorite girls in the spirit!

Baby Caroline

Ellie the Ladybug



Nikki said...

Those videos just made me cry! How precious to get to see them after all these years. Yeah Roni and Jennifer!

Merecogirl said...

They made me cry as well! I think they are just beautiful!