Sunday, November 8, 2009

Corn Amazingness Pt. II

So apparently alot of people get really into Cornhuskin' ALOT. There were moms there wearing "cornsages" or corsages made from corn husks. I was shocked at the number of alums, parents and friends who came out for our little schools version of homecoming, its a pretty special place and tradition if that many people come back year after year to observe and participate. The best part of the parade was not snoopy the hot dog guy (although it made me kind of hungry) it was the end. At the end of every cornhuskin' parade the seniors gather on the balconies of Johnson Hall (the main building on campus). Our little sis song sang to us, we sang back and we also sang to our big sis class (2008) which is the class i would have been in had i not fooled around! The feeling of unity and pride in our school was evident and I am so thankful to be a part of a school like that. A few pics from the parade..

After the parade (and a quick stop at the library to turn in some homework) we feasted at the picnic and oh man was it good. BBQ chicken, BBQ pork sandwiches, mac and cheese, beans, slaw and corn shaped rice krispy treats. Delicious.

When the final event came, we seniors were the last to process in and the dancers did an amazing set. After freshman, sophomore and junior skits, it was time for...the SENIOR SKIT! It was creative, fun, and cute. Their theme was dr. seuss and the skit went perfectly. The dance that the "whos" did at the end was so good, i could never have learned all those dance moves!!

During the night the alumnae brought around doughnuts and we even had hot chocolate, although it did little to ease the freezing pain in my toes. Here is my cornhuskin' buddy Nakia and I:

After corn huskin' and apple bobbin' and tale tales and class songs, we waited......and waited.....
But we had bathtub ring to entertain us with their gorgeous voices!

And then we had a dance party until results were announced...rock on MC Girls.

Seniors WON!!


Kandice said...

I loved looking through your pictures here and on Facebook. I missed Cornhuskin' so much this year. Great photos, and thanks for sharing your blog with me :)

Merecogirl said...

Thanks Kandice! It was really fun i'm glad i went!