Saturday, November 14, 2009

Christmas Open House

I know, it's not even Thanksgiving. Trust me, when the first Christmas themed advertisements started showing up in OCTOBER, I was the first one rolling my eyes. Now that said, there is one early Christmas extravaganza that I love, and that is the Christmas Open House at Apex Garden Supply. This place is a nursery and also sells other little house items but they do Christmas up right. They have trees everywhere, each one with a different theme or color scheme, tons of glittering hand painted ornaments and just generally a lot of awesome stuff. They also have free food and that's not a bad deal either. Mom and Dad went last weekend to the official big event but it was incredibly crowded so Mom and I went back Thursday for another little shindig they were throwing, and of course I took pictures of everything with my Iphone.

An example of one of the trees

The three wise men that Mom was eyeing

My favorite: there was a plethora of food-themed ornaments that were so delicious looking that I wanted to eat them!
Heaven is filled with sparkly ribbons


Some ornaments I am coveting:

Here's wishing Christmas-time a speedy arrival!

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