Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Photos

Here is a list of things that I did this weekend..
-sorted laundry
-wrote a short paper
-scraped paint off of windows
-shoved medicine down a cats throat
-shoved medicine down a dog's throat
-went to the bead store
-didn't have time to use the beads bought at the bead store
-went fabric shopping with Mom for her fabrics, but I found a few I loved as well
Anyways, here are some of those super exciting moments, and also I kept running into yellow flowers...strange huh?
Lunch at Seredipity

New ring I bought at the bead store

Fabric Escapades

Fabric for the Den

My fabric pick for Loveseat

The fabric I fell in Love With

The fabric mom choose for love seat



I LOVE Serendipity!! Yummy, definitely something I miss about home. I had a busy weekend too :(...but you got a lot done!

Nikki said...

Jim and I have read all the posts. Wow! He said,"great start - Looking forward to future posts. I say "I want to eat at your house and shop with you girls!" I love a good blog to follow! You go girl!!