Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekend, Painting Process, Photo Wall

Oh it's so sad when Monday comes (or Tuesday, or any day that is not Friday), but as someone brought up to me yesterday there are only five Mondays left in the semester. It's still too many. Went to the Breakfast Club concert this weekend (80's cover band) and sadly the lead singer was deported to Scotland. It's just not the same, however Saturday night downtown made up for it a little bit. Made an appearance with Paige and Joey at the State Fair Horse Show and saw why so many people make fun of the south. Since the fair is going on, there were alot of vendors there selling...redneck crap. I mean really really bad crap. My personal favorite object was the glass lampshade with Jeff Gordon on it. There was also a humongous wall of redneck shirts with sayings like "big toys for big boys" and a picture of a dog butt with the phrase "if you aren't from the south, the view never changes". Incredible and disturbing.

Oh North Carolina, if you look closely you can see the lamp.

NEWSFLASH!! We lost the war!
My favorite part of downtown is a parking lot. I always love this parking lot simply because it has lights in the trees all year round, and especially when it gets cold out it looks even better. Silly but true!

Painting has been coming along in the downstairs bedroom, actually as of right now it is finished, but here are some photos of the process

The green is the new color. Scraping the paint off of the windows was my job.

A couple weeks ago, I finished my new photographic masterpiece... the love wall. It is a collection of old pictures that either were already black and white or that I made black and white. They are largely non-posed casual beautiful pictures. This is the main wall, although there are more frames to fill and hang.

Some of my favorites, kind of hard to see though....

Fran and Enoch are coming this weekend which means lots of cooking and fun times! Will update later!

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Nikki said...

Love the new wall color and the wall of black and white photos. I think I might have to copy the idea as soon as I find a good wall.