Thursday, October 22, 2009

Get Ready for Cuteness Overload

Small obsession with taking pictures of the dogs this week, and lets face it, no one is cuter than my dog, Reese (yes I can hear the chorus of family member who hate my dog now). She has been called porker, tubbs, disabled, retarded, stupid, smelly, and "that thing" but darn it she sure is cute as a button.

She has her tongue out...precious? I think so.

Little snuffleupagus eating her carrots (less calories, non-allergenic)

One of Miller, just for kicks.

Are you dying of cute yet? If not, here's one last kicker that will surely drive you to look up miss reese if ever you should feel sad and need a cute doggie face to cheer you up.

Okay one more for good measure.

Are you dying of cute overload yet? YOU SHOULD BE! If you do not think this is the cutest doggie face in the world, it is possible that you lack a soul and can find no joy in the universe. Of course there is no way you could deny that right?

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